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Secret Animal Garden

Located within a Victorian Walled Garden in the 1770’s when the original estate was built for the gentry that served Squire Custance.

Please be aware we are currently working on improving the food and beverage facilities around our Secret Animal Garden. The Secret Animal Garden will therefore only be accessible through the entrance opposite the donkey enclosure.

Venture through the walls of the old Victorian garden and find another world at Dinosaur Adventure, the Secret Animal Garden! Meet the wallabies, kune kune pigs, Shetland sheep, goats and Indian runner ducks. Then head for the animal barn and find the iguanas, corn snakes and boa constrictor.

Don’t forget to look at the activity boards for times of all the animal encounters. Get up close to some of the animals within the garden and have a chance to quiz the rangers on where the come from, what they eat, how they live and much more.

Head to the waterside garden, see the fish and see who you can spot, it’s not just the residents of the Secret Animal Garden you can see so keep your eyes peeled, look up and down and it’s amazing what wild life has made Dinosaur Adventure it’s home!

And if you dare, trip trap over the bridge at Bill Goats Bluff to see the goats but watch out for trolls!

If you are near the Secret Animal Garden half an hour before the park closes, join the rangers and help say good night to the Kune kune pigs, a sight not to be missed!

If you would like to sponsor one of our animals located in the secret animal garden, please visit our Animal Sponsorship page fossil compass