Welcome to ROARR!

ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure in Lenwade, Norfolk is the UK’s largest Dinosaur themed adventure park.

Whatever the weather, there are digs to be dug, dinos to discover and adventure around every corner. Intrepid explorers are always well-prepared, so follow the link to check out what’s in store and get ready for your next ROARR-some expedition.

Dinosaur Trail

Set in 85 acres of gorgeous woodland, come and hunt dinosaurs on our trail! From raptors rummaging in the undergrowth, to our giant Brachiosaurus, take a leisurely walk and see if you can find them all!

Dippy’s Theatre

Step inside! Our new auditorium is the perfect place for your family to put their feet up and be entertained. Grab refreshments from the lobby and then come and watch a movie, meet Dippy and Friends or see a live show!

Dinomite Indoor Play

Enjoy our ROARR!-some indoor play area! Comprising of huge slides, ball pits and rope bridges, children can climb and play while you sit back and enjoy refreshments from our Dinomite Café.

Evolving our community

Fundraising for local groups, sharing our expertise, providing work experience, visiting local schools and working with disability groups are just a few ways we’re showing our commitment to the community.

Reducing our fossil footprint

Our mission is to protect the planet for future generations. That means no waste goes to landfill, and we locally source ingredients for our menus where possible.

All explorers welcome

We want everyone to have a roarr-some time. From mobility and wheelchair requirements, to dedicated parking and changing room enquiries, call our Guest Services team or click below to plan.

Discover the Adventure

Make no bones about it, at ROARR! you’re in for a mammoth adventure. Whether you’re swinging on the high ropes, unearthing treasures in the dino dig, assailing the assault course, escaping mind-boggling mazes, or soaking up the fun in the splash zone, it’s an out-of-this-world adventure for intrepid explorers, dino-hunters, and adventure-seekers of all sizes.