What will you discover?

Look up, look down but whatever you do, look out! Strap up and swing in the trees, marvel at dinos hiding in the woods, scamper around the maze or test your nerve on the assault course. Pet cute animals, admire the not-so-cute ones and make a few farmyard friends too. Splash, climb, race and then take a break in one of our tasty food stops before deciding what clawsome challenge you’re ready to take on next.

Check out our guide to make the most of your dinotastic adventure.

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Dippy Live

Come and join Dippy for some brand new live performances on our outdoor stage. …

Dippy’s Raceway

Whiz and zoom around our new race circuit and create lap records with your friends. See if you can…

Dinosaur Trail

Wander into the woods and navigate the nature trail to discover all the dinosaurs lurking there. Come face to…

Dippy’s Splash Zone

Join Dippy and the other friendly dinos as you cool off and make a splash at East Anglia’s biggest…

Secret Animal Garden

Get up close to some cuddly creatures in the walled Victorian garden – just don’t tell the dinos! Piggy…

Dinomite Indoor Adventure Play

Do it like the dinosaurs – run, jump, climb, and go wild across three challenging levels of indoor action,…

Lost World
A-Mazing Adventure

Unleash your adventure and explore the trials of the maze. Listen out for the bongos as you cross the…

Jurassic Putt Crazy Golf

An 8 hole excellently themed dinosaur crazy golf course is a very popular family fun attraction, it will certainly…

Neanderthal Walk

Take a stroll through our Neanderthal Walk and see what you can discover! Set in plenty of shaded woodland, our…

Paleontologist Camp

The Palaeontologist Camp, home to the Lenwade Expedition and that of Professor Cornelius Weston-Smythe – our very own Dinosaur…


Calling all budding palaeontologists – you can unearth some hidden secrets buy entering our sand pits and seeing what…


More indoor dinosaur fun with giant adventures for little people. BEAM digital floor games and interactive walls spark interest…

Predator! High Ropes

Escape the terrifying T-Rex’s clutches by taking to the trees with him hot on your heels. Here you can…

Pterodactyl’s Treehouse

A terrifying mummy pterodactyl sits above waiting for you to make a move! Can you escape her by whizzing…

Raptor Racers

Race around our dino circuit on our various pedal karts. Challenge your friends and family to create lap records…

Deer Safari

Roarr! is home to two majestic herds of red and fallow deer – just don’t tell the T-rex! Take…

Face Painting

Come and visit our face painters where you can be transformed into a T-rex or even a Sabre Tooth…


Roarr! marks the spot

Every great adventure starts with a map – here’s yours. Explore the park and click the links to find out more and pick up a copy at the park entrance.

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