Create a Dinosaur Trail in your garden!

We know a lot of you are missing exploring our Dinosaur Trail at the moment. So we thought we would bring our trail to you, with some ROARR-some ideas for your young dino explorers to complete in the garden.

  1. Gather everyone in the garden and give each person their own dinosaur to portray. T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Diplodocus are all good ones to use!
  2. Everyone must give their best dinosaur roar and best dance move – before starting the trail.
  3. Use a few garden objects to be your pretend stamp stations for the kids to collect on the way round – you could use a birdbox, watering can, tree stump etc.
  4. Go in the shed, use the trampoline or even the back door step as your dino lookout tower. If you have some small dinosaur models, place them around the garden for the children to discover.
  5. Create an assault course for participants to tackle, crawl through the dino tunnel, do 10 star jumps, pretend you are hunting for food as you slalom through the plant pots.
  6. Let someone act as the field marshal, required to pass on a secret code message to the game organiser (or head dinosaur hunter).
  7. Make a list for your mini scavenger hunt. Collect some leaves for your dino lunch, some twigs for its nest and maybe some mud as its poo!
  8. Create your very own dino den, using a tent or two chairs covered with a bed sheet. This is a very special place where only well-behaved dinosaurs can go!
  9. Read your favourite line of your dino book for the chance to collect your reward!

We hope you could bring your very own dinosaur trail to life and we would love for you to share your creations to our social media pages.


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