ROARR-some daily encounters to enjoy with all the family

Our new Winter encounter schedule has been announced at the Secret Animal Garden.

Open every day venture through the walls of the old Victorian garden and find another world at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, the Secret Animal Garden!

Head to the waterside garden, see the fish and see who you can spot.

Included in your admission price is the chance to meet a number of animals throughout the day – and learn more about them with our experienced crew members.

From 11am until 11.30am, come and say good morning to our Kune Kune pigs – including Peppa and George (see what we did there!).

From 11.30am until noon, all of the family can enjoy Guinea Pig Petting in our Animal Encounters Barn.

Secret Animal Garden Animal Encounters at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk

With over 20 guinea pigs to choose from, will your favourite be out to meet you today? (Please note during busy periods guinea pigs are only stroked, not held for welfare reasons).

Next up is the chance to meet some Creepy Crawlies for 30 minutes – starting at noon.

Come along and learn about the fascinating world of invertebrates. Dare you hold a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach? Find out what it feels like to have a Millipede with over 100 legs walk on your hand or get up close to a Giant African Land Snail. (Please note invertebrates vary from day to day).

The fun continues at 12.30pm as we enjoy some craft sessions. Take part in the days craft activity; colouring in, cutting and sticking.

After a break for lunch, we resume at 2pm with our Snake Encounter. Your chance to learn about snakes and touch one of our friendly snakes that live in the Animal Barn. Will it be a Corn Snake, a Northern Pine Snake or a Royal Python? Come to the Encounter Barn to find out all about these misunderstood reptiles.

We still have three talks and interactive sessions remaining – with Meet the Dragons starting at 2.30pm. Sizzle or Norberta our Bearded Dragons will be pleased to meet you and let you have a stroke as you learn all about these friendly lizards from Australia.

At 3pm, it’s TORTOISE TIME!

Who will it be today- Basil or Parsley our Mediterranean Spur Thighed Tortoises, or, Flash or Scooter our Red Foot Tortoises. Learn all about these animals and get up close to them for a stroke.

The day concludes with Ferret Fun, from 3.30pm-4pm.

Discover the world of ferrets and see how friendly they really are – that’s if they can stay awake long enough. Learn about their habits and have a stroke of one of our many ferrets that live in the Secret Animal Garden.

Please note, during February Half Term, crafts will be replaced by story telling.


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