Dino Day at Home to celebrate National Dinosaur Day

To celebrate National Dinosaur Day on May 15, we have created the ultimate dino day at home! We would love for you to get involved with our ROARR-some ideas – suitable for the whole family!

Make sure to tag us in photos – we’d love to see what you get up to!

Rise and shine everyone – today is DINO DAY! Give all of  your family the name of a dinosaur to be for the day – put on your best dinosaur clothing and give us your best morning ROARR!

Early morning Dippy’s Disco Dancing/baby sensory –

After a spot of breakfast (dino toast or dinosaur poo with coco pops are both permitted), gather up the kids for an early morning dinosaur workout!

With Dippy currently isolating at the park, he has sent us his best moves for you to try and replicate.

For the older children, play some of your favourite party classics for around 20 minutes. Start by stepping left to right and clapping at the same time. Maybe throw in the robot dance move or maybe the underwater snorkel technique. You can be as creative as you would like, you could add some lunges, press ups or sit ups – although Dippy has not learnt to do these yet! Jog on the spot and then do some star jumps with the whole family! Throw some pretend punches and see who can get closest to the ground.

For babies, why not try your own dinosaur themed sensory workout. Create some dino rhymes and clap along with your children – as they begin to learn more about our Jurassic friends. Add in some materials for them to hold, everyday objects to act as the dino food! If you have some toy dinosaurs, make sure you involve them too – with the popular rhymes.

Mid-late morning – Dino Baking

We all love some dinosaur themed baking inspiration, right? How about making some dino cookies or biscuits to enjoy with all the family – you’ve already burnt the calories! There are plenty of biscuit and cookie recipes available to follow online, you’ll need plain flour, butter, caster sugar, milk, eggs and whatever toppings you require!

Make your own dinosaur park – We have already received a couple of ROARR-some stories of families missing our park – so they have created their very own at home. With a few dinosaur figurines or toys, use some materials around the home to create some trees, paths, watering holes and maybe even our Secret Animal Garden too!

Dinosaur Themed Lunch –

Grab those dinosaur sandwich cutters and enjoy a picnic lunch with the family. Set down a blanket in the garden and enjoy some delicious lockdown delights. Plenty of salad for the herbivore dinosaurs  too! Maybe those dino cookies/biscuits you made earlier can be eaten now?

Afternoon Quiz –

You can even get some of your other family members involved using a video conferencing tool. We are all loving quizzing at the moment, right? How about creating your very own dinosaur themed contest? We have already created a ROARR-some quiz, with another one to come, so maybe use these questions to unleash your adventure. For example – What type of dinosaur features on the logo of the Toronto based NBA basketball team? The answer would of course be a RAPTOR!

Dino Party Time –

After enjoying your evening meal, it is party time! We have come up with some ideas for you to get your groove on and challenge all your family. Play some dinosaur sounds and see if you can guess the dinosaur! Have a game of charades – and make it dinosaur themed. Maybe create a dino drama sequence, with each member of your family telling the line of a brand new dinosaur tale. Impressions of dinosaurs are also fun, along with the classic game of Guess Who?

Storytime –

We have just launched the brand new story of Roarr! – named A DINOSAUR ADVENTURE. Narrated by pantomime and Britain’s Got Talent star Ben Langley, the story features the Longtail Estate and some key characters along the way. Head over to our Facebook or YouTube page to watch the story come to life in front of your very eyes.

Bedtime –

Surely you are all tired out from your dino extravaganza. Thank you for taking part in our Dino Day at Home to celebrate National Dinosaur Day. We hope to welcome you back to our park, as soon as it is safe to do so!


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