Dinosaur themed indoor activities for the whole family

Calling all dino explorers! We have put together some ROARR-some ideas to keep the whole family entertained during these unprecedented times. All of them are dinosaur related and require a bit of creativity – but we hope you enjoy participating in them!

  1. Get active with some Tricera-top tips on keeping fit and enjoying some daily exercise routines. Head in to the garden and create your very own dinosaur trail! Make a den, search for leaves and twigs for the dinosaur nest and food and make your best dinosaur noises. Why not create your own dinosaur dance video! We would love to see some of them! Or give all of your family members a dinosaur, they get 5 minutes to research some facts and then take on the role of a palaeontologist!

  1. Get thinking with some dino-tastic puzzles, quizzes, games and designs. We will soon be introducing our first ROARR-some quiz, but gather some of the best dinosaur facts and challenge your friends and family! Download our brand new activity sheet, which is full of quests for young dino fans. Play Guess Who? with the dinosaurs, how about taking part in a dinosaur themed I Spy challenge? Or maybe write your very own letter to our dinosaurs at the park? Tag us on social media if you do, we would love to see these!

  1. Get creating and crafty with everyday objects around the home. Create your own dinosaur from a carboard toilet roll, draw a make-believe creature or maybe design your very own Jurassic world with a dino window scene. Be sure to create your very own dinosaur park name – maybe Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure? For those of you feeling really brave, how about a dinosaur themed makeover? Using some make-up or face paint?

  1. Get your chefs hat on with some fun baking and food creation. A popular option at the moment are dinosaur biscuits/cookies. With plenty of recipes available online, we will soon be launching our own recipe for you to follow too! Create a dinosaur face from your sandwich lunch, make your own herbivore salad bowl for the Stegosaurus or design your own dinosaur pizza – maybe with some green leaves, meat etc.



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UPDATED: Park closure due to national lockdown


Park only tickets offer a festive wonderland of ROARR-some fun!

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Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is currently closed in an effort to do our part to reduce the spread of Covid-19. We hope to be able to re-open during February Half Term, however, please note this will depend on Government advice nearer the time due to the third lockdown and currently no end date for the restrictions.
We are planning to launch a new Discovery Pass, which will be available to buy online and be valid from 1st April 2021 ready in time for the Easter Holidays and will be valid until 31st October 2021.
However, please note this will depend on Government advice nearer the time due to the third lockdown and currently no end date for the restrictions.
The Discovery Pass, will cost £55.00 per person for guests 90cm & over (Concessions are available), will include all the special events held during this time including the iconic, ‘Dino’s at Night’ event, as well as discount off retail and food outlets across the park.

We know how disappointing this is and we hope everyone understands. Until we see our crew and visitors again, stay safe and well everyone.

The Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure team.

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