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FREE MEDAL for every child who completes our stamp trail

Calling all budding explorers – are you up for taking part in our exciting Young Adventurer’s Challenge?

When you arrive at our 85-acre park, you will be given Dippy’s Activity Sheet – full of games, puzzles and information about Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure.

It also contains our Young Adventurer’s Challenge – or commonly known to our regular visitors as ‘the stamp trail’.

People can often be heard saying ‘do you want to do the stamps today?’ as they arrive at our admissions kiosk with their young ones.

This is because there are 8 ROARR-some medals to collect in total – with some new designs soon to be released.

As you explore Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, you’ll discover lots of fun things to see and do.

Maybe you can give it a go during our BRAND NEW Fantasy February Event – taking place between 18-24 Feb.

Around the park, you will find 8 stamping stations where you can stamp the boxes on Dippy’s Activity Sheet.

Once you have collected all the stamps, take the sheet along to a medal collection point to collect your medal.

Will you discover our Woolly Mammoth down the Neanderthal Walk – or our Ankylosaurus near Guest Services?

Our Animal Encounter Barn (Secret Animal Garden), X-Tinction and Predator High Ropes stamps are also waiting to be found.

Concluding the list are the Brachiosaurus, Bongo Telecom and Triceratops stamping stations.

Make sure you tag us on social media with all your medal selfies!

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