Green investment is key to sustainability at Roarr!

What are you doing at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure to invest in green initiatives?

We operate a ‘zero waste to landfill’ policy. None of our general waste is sent to landfill.  Paper and cardboard are separated from all our general waste, which is then sent for recycling.

Many of our buildings are self-sufficient, as we have invested in green energy that enables the buildings to produce their own heating and lighting. The Explorers restaurant and our events building have eco-heating and we have installed 96 solar panels on the roof of our indoor play centre Dinomite to generate power. Extensive ground source heat pumps also feature underneath Dinomite and were built under our car park before it was tarmacked, which now feeds into a main control room. The pumps use underground pipes to extract heat from the ground that is then used to supply our heating system and hot water. Nothing is wasted – any energy that is leftover is sent back to the grid.

By working with the World Land Trust, which works to protect critically threatened rainforests, we have been using carbon-balanced paper and have balanced the equivalent of 3.254kg of carbon dioxide through this initiative.

We’re incredibly committed to reducing the amount of single-use plastic at the park. Plastic bottles have been replaced by aluminium cans of Life Water, the UK’s first zero-plastic spring water. Disposable items have all been selected using recyclable or biodegradable materials, including drinking straws, cutlery, plates and packaging, and the cups in our catering outlets are 100% compostable.

We use locally sourced or sustainable materials wherever possible and for the installation of the ground pumps and solar panels, we used Norfolk-based businesses to reduce road miles and invest in the local community. In our food and drink outlets, suppliers and products are sourced with a strong focus on reducing food miles through local or central purchasing. This is extremely important to us and most of our menu is sourced from products produced locally where possible.

We have 85 acres of natural woodland and encourage our guests to enjoy the surroundings as much as possible. We have a huge variety of wildlife including deer, domestic animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits as well as many wild bird species, which visit and nest across the park. A new tree planting scheme is now in full force, in addition to the renewal of those trees at end of life.

What is the scale of investment?

Since 2016, we have invested over £200,000 in making the park as sustainable as possible. Over the next 10 years, we are planning to invest even more into the environmental sustainability of the park.

What is your environmental message?

At Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, we are committed to actively reducing the environmental impact of the park and it has become an integral part of our operating strategy.

It’s essential for us to consider the environmental aspects of our ongoing development plans. Thinking up clean and green ways to heat and run the park has become a priority for our operations team. Through continual investment into innovative and eco-friendly technology, we hope to build a sustainable approach for every aspect of the business.

Why is green investment important in the tourism and leisure sector?

The tourism and leisure sector significantly impacts the local and built environment, so it is essential for attractions to invest in the sustainability of its operations. Not only should we be looking at how our parks are built and managed, but also the impact they have on the communities around them – from residents and businesses to the natural landscape and wildlife.


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