How many can you guess in our dinosaur quiz?

Calling all dino experts! We have pulled together 10 questions based around some of the dinosaurs at our park. We have helped you out by offering some multiple choice answers, gather everyone in your household and get quizzing!

  1. Due to the nature of Stegosaurus legs, what was their maximum speed? 2mph, 5mph, 8mph, 15mph

  1. A question based around our popular Diplodocus mascot, Dippy! A Diplodocus is most famous for its what? Long tail, long neck, long eyelashes, long tongue

  1. What does the name Brachiosaurus mean? Leg Lizard, Arm Lizard, Limb Lizard, Neck Lizard

  1. The Anklyosaurus used what to generate large amounts of force, possibly breaking the bones of other dinosaurs? Feet, tail, claws, spikes

  1. How long was the jaw of a Tyrannosaurus Rex? 30cm, 1m, 1.2m, 4.5m

  1. The first Pterodactyl fossil was discovered in what year? 1415, 1684, 1784, 2015

  1. The Allosaurus walked on how many legs? 1, 2, 3, 4

  2. The Spinosaurus was the biggest of all the carnivorous dinosaurs?  True or False

  3. The Irritator dinosaur was approximately how long in length? 10ft, 15ft 21ft, 26ft

  4. The meaning of Velociraptor is Slow Plunderer? True or false?

Thank you for completing our quiz, the answers are below. As a reward, please CLICK HERE to download your exclusive Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure snap cards!

Answers: 1. 5mph, 2. long neck, 3. Arm Lizard, 4. tail, 5. 1.2m, 6. 1784, 7. 2, 8. True, 9. 26ft, 10. False – it means quick plunderer,


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