Meet the team: Gav

As part of our ‘Meet the Team’ series of blogs, we caught up with Attractions Supervisor Gav, fresh from learning some new dance routines with his friend Dippy! We asked him some questions about his role, along with some more obscure ones too!

1. Tell us about your role and how long you have been at the park?

I am an Attractions Supervisor. My job involves making sure all attractions on the park are running smoothly and efficiently. It will be my 3rd year of working here in January.

2. What is the best part about your job?

The best part of my job is seeing all of our guests having the best day out in our park, and the fact that every day is different!

3. What is your favourite attraction to work on?

My favourite attraction to work on is Dippy’s Splash Zone, especially on a very hot day!! Although I have got soaked by the big bucket a few times!!

4. What is your record on Jurassic Putt?

My record on Jurassic Putt is 24

5. What are your hopes for 2020?

My hopes for the Attractions team for 2020 are to have another amazing year, ensure our guests have the best day out here at Roarr!, and for the crew to have fun while they are working.

6. What is it like to look after Dippy?

I love looking after Dippy, although I think he needs to brush up on his dance moves, especially the Floss, and I’m very upset that he hasn’t bought me a Christmas present again this year!

7. How do you learn so many dance routines?

I know most of the dance routines from when I used to be a holiday park entertainer years ago, but most of the new ones are learned in mine, and the crew’s spare time.

8. PJ or Duncan?


9. Steps or S Club 7?

That’s a hard one! I love them both, but if I had to pick, it would be Steps.

10. Favourite event of the year at Roarr!

My favourite event this year has to be Fantasy February, although I’m disappointed the Team Unicorn didn’t win…… maybe next year!

11. Favourite Song?

Anything by the Spice Girls…. Spice Up Your Life is probably my fave!

12. Favourite movie?

Do I have to pick one? Grease, Moulin Rouge, and if it is a Disney film…Aladdin or The Lion King

13. Favourite Food from Winter Warmer Menu?

Ham and Cheese Sourdough toastie

14. Favourite Holiday Destination?


15. Funniest moment of the year?

Funniest moment of the year has to be Ben Francis, our events manager, crawling out of a tunnel, dressed as the Easter Bunny!


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