New Height Admission & Season Ticket Q’s & A’s

Q’s & A’s Height Based Admission – Effective from 6th April 2019

What can my child do at 90cm?

Your young explorers can enjoy everything that our park has to offer –  with the exception of Predator High Ropes – with our safety guidelines set at 100cm (accompanied by an adult) and 120cm (alone).

Children under 100cm are required to be accompanied by an adult on Stone Age Road Race.

Why am I paying full price admission when my child cannot go on Predator High Ropes?

We have many attractions on the park that are suitable for children 90cm and above.

Do you measure with shoes on?


What happens if I buy tickets online for the wrong height? Will I receive a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for online tickets so please make sure that you measure your child accurately including the shoes they will be wearing on the day of the visit. Alternatively the required balance will need to be paid at the gate.

When does this come into effect?

6th April 2019

I am a Zsea season ticket holder, my child is under 3 but over 90cm. do I need to pay full admission?

Yes, you would have to pay as per our Admissions Policy.

I am in a wheelchair, will I need to be measured?

Disabled adults and children along with 1 carer will receive a discounted rate.

What if I am an adult under 90cm? 

Anyone under 90cm will receive free admission.

Q’s & A’s Roarr-Some Season Tickets – Effective from 6th April 2019

Why have you introduced 10 or 25 Day Passes?

The new day passes offer more flexibility and value for money, allowing you to buy what you need and are still valid for 12months from date of purchase.

Why have we introduced height based admission?

It’s fairer, clearer, and recognises that only children over a specified height can enjoy some of the attractions within the Park. Conversely those under 90cm gain free admission. The correct age of some children has frequently been a point of debate, and we believe that a height based admission will resolve this.

Why has the 12 months season ticket (Now, Unlimited 12 Month Pass) increased from £75 to £100?

In order to be able to give choice and a lower cost option, we reviewed all our offers.

For those who like to visit the park more than 25 times in a year, each visit is less than £4 per visit, whilst still offering fantastic value for money.

Why have you stopped offering the 2 year season ticket?

In order to be able to give choice and a lower cost option, we reviewed all our offers.

The new day passes offer more flexibility and value for money, allowing you to buy what you need.

Is my current 1yr/2yr season ticket, still valid?

Yes, until your current season ticket expires. Upon renewal you then have the opportunity to purchase a 10, 25 day pass, valid for 1 year, or an unlimited 12 month pass.

As a current 1yr/2yr season ticket holder, am I able to have the new Benefits straight away or do I have to wait until I buy a new pass?

Yes you are able to have the new benefits straight away.

Will I still get my renewal rate even if I change to a 10 visit pass?

Yes, providing you renew 1 month before your current season ticket expires. You will save £10 per person.

E.G. Renewal rate for a 10 Day Pass, 90cm & over = £50 (new rate being £60)

What happens when I use all my 10/25 visits but the year has not ended?

You will have the opportunity to purchase a new season ticket pass at any time and at the renewal rate of £10.00 LESS THAN THE PUBLISHED NEW SEASON TICKET RATE.

What happens if the year ends and I have not used all my 10/25 visits?

Unfortunately you will lose any remaining visits that are on your season ticket pass.

Can I find out how many visits I have had?

Guest Services can look this up for you and advise you on the best package to suit your historical visiting trend. Ultimately it is down to you, as the visitor, to choose your pass type. We only provide the breakdown of visits.

Will I be notified when I only have a couple of visits left on my 10 or 25 day pass?

Our membership system will automatically count each time you visit. Once you have 2 visits left, we will alert you upon entry to Roarr! and again on your remaining 10th or 25th visit.  Alternatively, you can call guests services and we will be able to look up and discuss this with you over the phone, confirming your remaining balance of visits.

What is the discount for the shop and restaurant?

New improved benefit for 2019 – Food & Beverage discount increased from 10% to 15% (exclusions apply)

Base Camp Sales & Supplies – discount increased from 10% to 20% (exclusions apply)

Why change at Easter and not 1st January like you normally do?

As a company, extra planning for any changes or additions are discussed thoroughly before implementation. It was agreed Easter would be the most suitable time.

Is Dino’s at Night one of my visits or is it a benefit?

This remains as a benefit and will not be deducted from your season ticket quota.

Can tickets be prorated so when the child reaches 90cm & over they have the same amount of visits as their parent?

This will not be possible. Each season ticket pass type will be purchased with a new date and valid for 12 months.

If I have used all my visits within the first few months can I continue to get discounts in the shop/restaurants with my season ticket for the remaining year if I pay for admission?

Sorry no, discounts are only valid during the 10 or 25 day pass validity or until you have used all of your visits up, whichever is sooner.

Please Note: As stated in the Terms & Conditions of the Season Ticket

  • A valid season ticket MUST be shown when visiting Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure or admission will be charged, which is non-refundable.
  • If the card has been lost or requires replacement, 24 hour notice is required in order to be reissued. Please call Guest Services on 01603 876310 opt 2.

Roarr Christmas


New for 2019 – Pay the published reduced group price admission for your family, friends and visitors on presentation of your valid season ticket.

New for 2019 – Use your valid season ticket for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day promotional offers. Visit our website for full details.

New for 2019 – Receive a 20% discount on gifts from Base Camp: Sales & Supplies*.

New for 2019 – Receive a 15% discount on food and drink purchased from Dippy’s Snack Shack*, Dinomite Café*, Nautilus* and The Explorers* (Some food and beverage outlets are open seasonally, exclusions apply*)

New for 2019 – Discounts when booking a private hire for Dippy’s Splash Zone, Predator High Ropes and Dinomite Indoor Play. Please contact Guest Services for more information.

Entry to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure for 12 months from date of purchase, or until day pass quota spent if earlier, during normal opening times on presentation of your valid season ticket. Open daily from 9.30am except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Season ticket holders gain FREE admission to “Dino’s at Night”, 29th June 2019. This remains as a benefit and will not be deducted from your season ticket quota.

Discounted prices for season ticket holders on admission to ‘PrimEvil’ at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure. See for more details.

10% Discount when booking a birthday party for season ticket adult(s) and child(ren). Please contact Guest Services for more information.

10% Discount when booking a private hire for Dippy’s Splash Zone, Predator High Ropes or Dinomite Indoor play. Please contact Guest Services for more information.

Receive a 10% discount on all Events Photo Team products.

Unlimited digital downloads of photos taken on park for the validity of your season ticket plus 50% off printed photo products, on purchase of a Digipass at £25.00

In addition to the benefits at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, the Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA) are pleased to offer the opportunity for Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Season Ticket holders to visit either ZSEA park, Banham Zoo and Africa Alive! and receive 50% discount on the standard admission price. You may be asked to verify your identity with another form of ID.

Benefits are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.





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