Ian’s ROARR-some Shrove Tuesday pancake recipe

Ahead of Shrove Tuesday 2020, we have called on our ROARR-some Head Chef Ian Connor to provide the perfect recipe – in time for the big day.

We recommend some dino sparkle sprinkles or some sauce (dino blood) to add on top of your traditional pancakes.

For this recipe, you will need, 100g Plain Flour, 2 x Large Free Range Eggs and 300ml Semi Skimmed Milk.

Ian’s Method: Beat the egg well, then add the flour and whisk until lump free. Add the milk, continue whisking until smooth then leave to rest for 30 minutes (this is desirable as it makes the pancake softer when cooked).

Tip: Don’t over whisk the mixture as it will make the mix chewier when cooked.

Pre heat a lightly oiled non stick frying pan and pour the mixture till it covers the centre half of the pan- Then tilt the pan to ensure the mix reaches the edges.

Leave on the heat until the mix is part set on top and slides around in the pan.

This is the brave part where you flip it over!!!

Continue cooking for 45 seconds on the other side until the pancake slides again.

Turn out and serve with your favorite fillings!!!- My preference is a butterscotch sauce and salted caramel ice cream for the ultimate indulgence.


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