Dinomite Indoor Adventure Play Area - SAFETY GUIDELINES




We would like to advise guests that there will be a small additional charge of £1.50 per person (weekend/School Holiday visits only) to experience Dinomite Indoor Adventure Play. Exempt from this charge however are Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Pass/Season Ticket Holders, but they still need to book their Dinomite slot at Admissions.

This additional charge is due to the new government guidelines & Covid-19 measures made compulsory on indoor play. We have had to implement the following to our indoor soft play area in order for us to be COVID-secure, which includes reduced visitor capacity, PPE for all our crew members, removal of some play equipment i.e ball pits, one way systems, 30 minutes cleaning in-between each time slot with additional hand sanitiser stations provided before you enter. Although these measures are also present during our weekday operations of Dinomite Indoor Adventure Play, the park capacity available on weekdays is significantly reduced as well as visitor demand. Therefore we have been able to keep the price as part of the admissions cost, weekdays.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is committed to ensuring all our guests receive the quality they expect and deserve within a COVID-19 safe environment, whilst ensuring a great experience for all. 

We greatly appreciate all our guests continued business and support through this time of growth and change. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Guest Services team who would be more than happy to discuss the Dinomite experience with you.


Will all of the play equipment be open?

Our blue slide with the ball pit at the bottom will be closed. We will be opening our multi-coloured astra slide, but without the use of the mats – and the middle lane will be out of action. The ball pit in our Under 5’s area will also be closed and any loose play equipment not available. 


How is the attraction going to be cleaned and made safe? 

We have complied a rigorous cleaning checklist – in line with guidance issued by BALPPA (British Association of Leisure Parks Piers and Attractions). All of the play equipment will be deep cleaned at the start and end of every day and in between every time slot – for 30 minutes. We will use an advanced fogging machine to help with the cleaning process. Particular attention will be given to areas such as slides, enclosed crawl through ‘tunnels’ and handholds.


How will the one-way systems work?

There will be clear and fun signage designed to allow guests to follow the one way systems around the play structure. Follow Terry the Pterodactyl to enter the top level of the equipment – with the slides. Please note, the stairs will be exit only. Follow the Dippy signage for the middle area of the park and Razz the Raptor for the bottom area.


How many guests will be permitted during each one hour time slot?

We are limited the number of guests to 120 per time slot.



Will any lockers be in operation?

Unfortunately not at this time.


Will I be required to wear a Face Covering?

       Guests must wear face coverings inside all indoor areas – except when seated at a table to eat or drink. Please note this means that guests will be required to wear face coverings in all areas of Dinomite Indoor Adventure play – including the toilets. All of our crew members will also be required to wear face coverings – although we were already adopting these measures. People who are already exempt from the existing face covering obligations, such as because of an underlying health condition, will continue to be exempt from these new obligations.


Will the toilets be open?

Yes, and again we encourage social distancing at all times. We encourage guests to regularly wash their hands for 20 seconds and maintain good hygiene procedures. Please wear a Face Covering when using the toilet facilities.


Can you tell me more about accessibility in Dinomite Indoor Adventure Play?

Yes, please view our accessibility details HERE




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