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Welcome to Dippy’s Theatre! Inside our performance space you can see Dippy’s Movie time, featuring “The Lost World”  a fast paced dinosaur Movie and “The Dippy and Friends LIVE show”, where Dippy, Paris, Raz and Terry will take you along on one of their adventures, and if that wasn’t enough! We are also doing a meet and greet in the theatre where you can meet Dippy and have a fabulous photograph.

Dippy’s Theatre has capacity to seat 228 guests, although under the current covid restrictions this will be reduced. All our guests are encouraged to wear a face mask, unless they are exempt or under the age of 11 years old and to sanitise their hands on entry and exit. Both the Dippy’s Movie time and Dippy and Friends LIVE show runs for approximately 20 minutes, there are loud noises and some flashing lights used in both performances – but nothing that is too scary.

Dippy’s Theatre entrance is just past Dinomite and the Pterodactyl Tree House, follow the red and yellow stars around the treehouse down to the Main Theatre Entrance, you will see a spot to leave your pushchair or buggy as these are not permitted in the theatre. Once you arrive at Dippy’s Theatre entrance you will be able to purchase some sweets and/or drinks to enjoy during the performance prior to entering the Theatre lobby, this is when you are encouraged to put your face mask on and sanitise those hands. During Covid-19 restrictions the lobby floor will be divided into 20 squares, one square for each family that we can allow in Dippy’s Theatre for a performance. If there are no available squares then unfortunately you will need to come back later for the next showing.

15 minutes before the show or Movie is about to begin the Auditorium doors will open and the Theatre team will get you seated as quickly as possible and is operated on a first come first served.  At the Meet and Greet the format will be the same but instead of going into the Auditorium you will be greeted by Dippy and one of his friends in the photograph area instead, again you will need to wear a mask and our Theatre team will show you exactly where to go and stand.

After the performance or your photograph you will be able to buy merchandise featuring your favourite character and head back into the Park to enjoy the rest of your Adventure!

Dippy's Theatre is located next to Dinomite Indoor Adventure Play. It will operate the following times (subject to change).

Join Dippy and his friends as they come to life right before your eyes in our newest attraction for 2021 - you won't want to miss this!

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