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Dinos at Night

  • Our annual night time event, for one night only!
  • Live band and Summer time BBQ
  • Special guests from Norwich Astronomy Club and Junior Canaries

Once a year Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure opens its gates in the evening to allow guests to come and experience the adventure and excitement through to dusk.  There will be entertainment and activities to suit all ages from Funfair Alley, the Mascot Race and our new Predator High Ropes.  Come and learn about the stars in the sky with the Norwich Astronomy club and get hands on with the British Science Association.  Enjoy the food from one of our many food outlets and BBQ whilst listening to our new band “Chest of Pogs”.  As the dusk draws in go in search of the fallen stars in a magical trail around the park and watch some of the animal encounters.  Come and explore Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure at Dino’s at Night.

We advise you book early for this very popular event!

Season pass holders don’t pay additionally for this event but do need to book tickets online!!


Click here to book your Dinos at Night tickets


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