You’ve found a dino bone! Can you find all 6 Dino Bones hidden on this website? Just click on one when you find it to add it to your dino skeleton, find all 6 to receive a special prize.


Dino Skull Dino Neck Dino Body Dino Arms Dino Tail Dino Legs
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Secret Animal Garden A Victorian walled garden home to a range of animals including farmyard favourites and reptiles. Read more

Take a trip through our beautiful deer park on our Deer Safari rides and learn a little more about the two species of deer we have here in the park. Read more

Pterodactyl's Treehouse Let your imagination run wild – while you run wild in one of our amazing play areas! Read more

Stone Age Road Race Let the kids have extreme fun as they race around a themed track! Read more

Dinomite A prehistoric paradise for anyone with energy to burn! Read more

Dinosaur Trail Follow the trail through the woods and keep an eye out for a whole host of prehistoric creatures nestling amongst the trees. Read more

Xtinction Dino fossil dig Read more

Assault-O-Saurus Let your imagination run wild – while you run wild in one of our amazing play areas! Read more

Lost World Maze Are you brave enough to find your way through the mysterious maze – home to dinosaurs and other creatures! Read more

The Explorers
& Nautilus
Our newly restaurant offering Explorers, offers a unique steampunk Jules Verne 20,000 leagues under the sea themed restaurant capable of seating 92 diners indoors and a further 120 on the outside raised terrace.

Base Camp:
Sales & Supplies
At the entrance of Dinosaur Adventure we have a fantastic gift shop, which has a wide selection of unique dinosaur souvenirs and is just the place to find a memento of your day. Read more

Dippy's Café Located at Base Camp near the park entrance, Dippy's Café has a range of options to suit every appetite. Light Grab-n-Go options, vegetarian options, as well as our Kidzmix! range.

Dippy's Splash Zone Dippy’s Splash Zone has 20 water play features in 755 sqm2’s. Read more