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Access Statement


Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is a Norfolk tourist attraction which is situated within 85 acres of a beautiful and natural woodland site setting, which is based to the west of Norwich, in the village of Lenwade.

The attraction consists of indoor and outdoor Adventure Play Facilities, Dippy’s Splash Zone, Predator High Ropes, Dinosaur Trails, Animal Garden, Deer Safari and Retail and Catering Outlets.

Information on the park can be found not only online but in printed leaflets. If you would like an A3 photocopied version please ask any member of staff or telephone 01603 876 310.

Staff members can be identified by their name badge/company uniform. All staff at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure will be happy to help in any way they can, so please ask for any required assistance.


Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is, in part, located on a hillside so access to the lower part of the park is best taken through the Dinosaur Trail which has a lower gradient and avoids the steeper of the hills.

It is recommended that unaccompanied wheelchair users do not do this without assistance.

Path surfaces are either tarmac or crushed and rolled stone.

Only Registered Assistant Dogs are permitted on site, though they cannot access all areas of the park. These areas are “The Secret Animal Garden”, “Deer Safari” and area adjacent to the Donkey and Goat Enclosures.

Registered Assistance Dogs must remain on a lead at all times and under control. Dogs must not be allowed to foul in the park.

To ensure the safety and welfare of the public, staff and animals on the premises Assistance Dogs must wear their respective identifying jackets and their Environmental Health and Identification Cards must be carried and shown if required.

The wearing of identifying jackets and the carrying of the Environmental Health and Identification Cards form part of the regulations for all Registered and Trained Support Dogs in the United Kingdom. If you have any queries regarding this policy please contact Assistance Dogs (UK).

We are pleased to offer visitors the use of a manual wheelchair or mobility scooters on request, on a first come first served basis so please telephone the park on 01603 876 310 prior to your visit to ensure availability. Single and double strollers are also available to hire for the day.

A lift is provided for use in Dinomite to access the first floor meeting room/offices.

A portable hearing loop is available. Please ask a member of staff for assistance.


The nearest bus stop to the park is in Lenwade, an approximate 15minute walk from the park. Please take care, as the road does not have a pedestrian pavement.

Car Park & Admissions

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure has a large free of charge car park with ample car parking spaces for visitors.

We have specific parking spaces close to the park entrance allocated to visitors with a disabled parking permit. Cars parked must display the card provided by local authorities under the government Blue Badge Parking Scheme.

Flood lighting is provided within the car park near to the park entrance.

A range of day and season ticket admissions are available to purchase on the gate including discounted entries for guests who are registered disabled.

Any guest requesting a disabled ticket can be asked to provide documentation to validate their need for the disabled discount. This could be in the form of a blue badge, staff must have access to the part of the badge with the photograph on, a letter from a recognised authority or a bank statement confirming the customer is in receipt of DLA. Once validation has been received the ticket will be processed in the normal manner.

If the customer requests the need for a carer, as long as the above criterion has been met, a discounted carer ticket can be purchased alongside a disabled person’s ticket. Only 1 carer ticket may be purchased per disabled ticket.

Park Amenities

Children (0-15yrs) must be supervised by an adult at all times whilst in the park.

Seating is provided right the way throughout the site.

Safety Barriers should never be climbed on, over or under. They are provided to keep you at a safe distance from possible harm.

We ask that for your safety you do not climb on or over our Dinosaurs.

Due to the busy nature of the park we ask visitors not to bring Scooters, Roller Skates, and Balls into the park.

All visitors are asked to preserve our environment and use the bins provided.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is a non-smoking park. For the health and comfort of our guests please use the designated smoking areas as marked on the park map. This includes the use of e-cigarettes.

We ask all visitors to adhere to the Health and Safety Notices posted around the park.

Those visitors wishing to use the Dinomite indoor play must be wearing socks. Those using the larger blue and red slides should be wearing long sleeves and be covered below the knee.

Dippy’s Splash Zone has 31 water play features in 755 square-metres of rubberised safety flooring, themed in the Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure’s park mascot ‘Dippy’ colours.

Dippy’s Splash Zone also has lockers to store clothing at a charge of £1. Towels, t-shirts, disposable and re-usable nappies are available for sale in Base Camp Sales & Supplies.

We strongly recommend that all visitors wash their hands after touching the animals in the Secret Animal Garden, sinks are provided for this. Eating and Drinking is not allowed in this area.

The restaurants throughout Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure offer an extensive and varied choice of food. However, if you have specific special dietary needs we would be delighted to try and meet them. Please telephone Dinosaur Adventure on 01603 876 310 prior to your visit to discuss your requirements.

Base Camp Sales and Supplies provide visitors with a wide range of gifts.

Toilet Facilities

Toilet facilities are provided just inside the Park Entrance, the Dinomite Indoor Play Area and Secret Animal Garden/The Explorers Restaurant. These are clearly marked on the map given out on entry.

All have independent disabled toilet facilities, which in some cases also have dual use for baby change facilities.