Predator high ropes

Escape the terrifying T-Rex’s clutches by taking to the trees with him hot on your heels. Here you can face your fears on East Anglia’s largest rope course and the world’s first parallel sky rails.

There are two terrifying trails to choose from. Which one will you follow? As you traverse the wires, you must fight to keep your balance and your nerve. When you’ve conquered your fears, zoom down the zip wire ride through the branches and finish on a high.

Predator High Ropes will be closed from Monday 1st November. Terry’s brave flying quests are hampered by the colder and unpredictable weather… But fear not, we have plenty of other indoor attractions including Dinomite Indoor Adventure Play Area, Dippy’s Theatre and so many other ROARR-some indoor areas.

Pre-booking is no longer required, however we are operating a queuing system so please follow social distancing.

REMEMBER: closed secure shoes, clothing covering shoulders and thighs, no skirts or dresses, hairbands for long hair! And please note the attraction may close at short notice, if we experience high winds.

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