COVID-19 – guidelines to keep guests and crew safe

Park Safety Measures

Maintaining social distancing

We are set in 85 acres of woodland and have decided to reduce the number of people we can welcome to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure to ensure the safety of our guests. Please maintain social distancing at all times (2m from other guests). We are asking you to book your day ticket and arrival time-slot, online in advance. Sadly, if you don’t pre-book, you’ll be turned away, even if you’re a season ticket holder. Please arrive within your  time slot. You can stay for as long as you like that day. 

We will provide clear information

We pride ourselves on offering a safe and fun day out and will clearly explain how guests can go out together while ensuring safety. Follow signage and guidance throughout the park for all one way systems and exits. When you arrive, you will see our hand sanitising station. You can then follow the dinosaur footprints to ensure your admission into the park is safe. Entrances and exits will be kept apart – where possible. Click here to see our ‘We’re Good To Go’ certificate.

Additional hygiene measures

Contact points such as railings and door handles will be cleaned more often. Wash your hands on a regular basis and make use of the many sanitizer stations across the park. By adhering high standards of cleanliness, a day at Roarr! will be just as safe as it was before. We are advising guests to pay with pin or contactless and all catering establishments are open for takeaway only – please maintain social distancing when queuing for food. Please do not try to enter the park if you are unwell or a member of your family is unwell, you will be asked to leave the park.

While these adjustments may take some getting used to, our crew are dedicated to ensuring that you still receive the same high standard of care and consideration you would expect from your visit.




Standard admission day tickets and Season Ticket visits are required to book online, in advance. Sadly, if you don’t pre-book, you’ll be turned away, even if you’re a season ticket holder.

Guidelines have now been updated from the government stating that social gatherings of more than six people in England will not be allowed by law.

Because of this we have limited tickets to 6 per ticket type. 

On arrival to admissions, you will be asked to maintain social distancing within a number of large dinosaur footprints. You will be asked to move onto the next footprint once the family ahead of you has moved on.

Your visit may be different from what you’ve come to expect. We’ll have set up the best routes for you to enjoy, and we’ll ask you to please follow them. Please be respectful of social distancing and follow our signs at all times.

Please supervise children all times.

There is no time limit and you can stay for as long as you would like that day.

Retail Shop

Base Camp sales and supplies (gift shop) will only allow a certain number of guests at any one time, you will be asked to queue outside to wait your turn to go inside, you must only touch the product/s you are purchasing, please maintain social distancing whilst queuing and moving around the shop.

Guests must wear face coverings inside all indoor areas – except when seated at a table to eat or drink. Please note this means that guests will be required to wear face coverings in all areas of our shop, Animal Barn, Animal Encounters Barn and Dinomite Indoor Adventure play – including the toilets. All of our crew members will also be required to wear face coverings – although we were already adopting these measures. People who are already exempt from the existing face covering obligations, such as because of an underlying health condition, will continue to be exempt from these new obligations.

To enable guests to comply with guidelines, walking directions or waiting areas in queues, at shops or distribution points are indicated by means of clear signs and visible markings on the floor.

  • Only 5 groups allowed in the shop at any one time
  • Please ensure you collect a basket to take into the shop, if there are no baskets, please wait outside shop until they are replenished
  • Please pay with contactless payment where possible
  • Please only touch the items you wish to purchase
  • Please keep to social distancing at all times

Food Outlets

All catering establishments are open for take away only. To make sure all safety measures can be maintained, the assortment, on offer, has been adapted in some of the locations.

Please pay with contactless payment where possible and keep to social distancing at all times.


A hand sanitising station will be available at every attraction we are operating. The cleaning frequency has been increased, especially of objects that are touched frequently. Please read and adhere to the relevant signage at each attraction, when you visit. 

For more information, or if you have any further enquiries, contact our Guest Services team on 01603 876310.

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