school group bookings

With a colossal amount of diverse attractions to suit children of all ages and hefty discounts available on group bookings, what better way to enjoy your day out at ROARR! than as part of an expedition! Wrangle your fellow explorers, dust off your jungle boots and check out what’s on offer.

A host of downloadable resources can be found below, and a curriculum-linked education pack entitled “What is a Dinosaur?” is available for £2 which includes information, fact sheets, classroom work ideas and worksheets.

With 85 acres of park to explore and over 20 epic activities to sink your teeth into all included in the ticket price, at Roarr! you’re in for a mammoth adventure! Whether you’re swinging on the Predator High Ropes, meeting the (non-Jurassic) animals in the Secret Garden or dashing about in Nofolk’s biggest indoor play area Dinomite, it’s an out-of-this-world adventure for intrepid explorers, dino-hunters, and adventure-seekers of all sizes.

To plan your roarr-some visit, check out our Activity Timetable HERE and explore all our Attractions HERE. Details of what’s happening on the day will also be displayed on our Daily Activities board near the entrance.


School Rates £8.95 per person

Adults & Children 90cms and Over

Please contact Guest Services on 01603 876310 for further information.


Downloadable resources


Some of our attractions


Predator! High Ropes

Escape the terrifying T-Rex’s clutches by taking to the trees with him hot on your heels. Here you can…

Dinosaur Trail

Wander into the woods and navigate the nature trail to discover all the dinosaurs lurking there. Come face to…

Dippy’s Splash Zone

Join Dippy and the other friendly dinos as you cool off and make a splash at East Anglia’s biggest…

Dinomite Indoor Adventure Play

Do it like the dinosaurs – run, jump, climb, and go wild across three challenging levels of indoor action,…