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The Environment

In order to further reduce our impact on the environment, 0% of waste at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure goes to landfill. Suppliers and products sourced are also selected with a strong focus on reducing food miles through local or central purchasing whilst ensuring high quality products are available within the park. This is extremely important to us and whilst retaining some major brands, a greater emphasis has been achieved with the supply of our menu range being sourced from products produced within 50 miles of the park.

At Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, we firmly believe that through continual investment into improving the visitor experience we will not only maintain and increase our market share, but raise the standards that visitors can expect to receive on an enjoyable day out.


Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure gives consideration to all aspects of its Social and Corporate Responsibility, especially within our local community. We have many schemes in place to support and work with our local community including:

Donation of tickets for raffles and auctions to a wide variety of Schools, charities and voluntary organisations. Applications for tickets are accepted by post only (not social media, email or telephone due to the volume we receive daily).

Reduced admission rates for some of our Armed Forces personnel, Police, Fire service, Ambulance who are based locally.

Special visits for children and support workers from local charities and community groups.

Fundraising activities

Sponsorship and support of a wide range of community activities for example East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH), Community Sports Foundation from Norwich City, where we are assisting with their new project of building The Nest.

Team commitment

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure believes it is important to support our local charities and community groups.  We seek to encourage the next generation in the community to create a positive impact for the future.  We encourage their involvement, by providing advice and fundraising opportunities. Here are just a few of the ways in which our colleagues help play their part in our local community:

Working with local visitors on our allergen related menu development.

Involving disability groups with the future development plans for the park that includes support those with special requirements.

Volunteering for local fund raising and community-based events.

Sharing our experiences and expertise e.g. marketing and business advice to students.

Building networks between local groups and organisations.

Involving a cross section of colleagues to represent Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure at Awards Evenings, Charity Evenings and Dinners.

Providing work experience provision to local schools and organisations.

Visiting local Schools and colleges.

Environmental Impact

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure recognises that it makes an impact on the environment and is committed to actively reducing that impact as an integral part of our operating strategy.   We always seek ways to incorporate environment aspects into our ongoing development plans.  These have so far included new tree planting schemes in addition to renewal of those trees at end of life; using solar energy roof panels; using ground sourced heat pumps; using products made from recycled materials, and being aware of energy use, reducing its consumption and its waste.

  • Dinomite, the indoor play centre, has 96 solar panels fitted to the roof to generate power offsetting what we use.  An extensive ground-sourced heat pump was installed under the main visitor car park and the system provides heating for the building and hot water for the café, kitchens and visitors facilities.
  • We used Carbon Balanced Paper during 2018 and managed to balance, through the World Land Trust, the equivalent of 3,254kg of carbon dioxide. This support with enable the World Land Trust to protect a vast amount of critically threatened tropical forest.
  • Paper & Cardboard. This we separate from general waste so that it is sent for re-cycling by the waste company we work with.
  • We accept the challenge to reduce the use of single use plastic. Plastic drinks bottles have been replaced by recyclable cans.  The sale of ‘Thirsty Planet’ bottled water raises funds donated to ‘Pump Aid’ a charity that works in Africa providing access to clean drinking water.
  • Disposables have been selected that are either recyclable and/or biodegradable. These include drinking straws, cutlery, plates and packaging. Disposable cups used within our catering outlets are of 100% compostable material.  Plastic carrier bags (100% degradable) are being phased out and replaced with paper bags in our retail outlets.
  • 100% is recycled by our contracted waste management company.
  • Chipped and used by our Parks & Gardens team organically where possible and practical.
  • Sorted, collected and recycled by our partnered waste management company, or scrap metal merchants.
  • General Waste. 0% to landfill
  • Garden Waste. Composted