In a magical corner of Norfolk, tucked away behind tall trees, lies a land that time forgot...

A place to call home

During the 1800’s, legendary Norfolk born Explorer, Cornelius Weston-Smythe, began an adventure to investigate an area of untouched woodland in rural Norfolk. After spending many years being away from home, his family pleaded for his next adventure to be nearby, so after consulting maps and books he discovered an area unchartered right on his doorstep.

It was during this expedition that Cornelius discovered that dinosaurs had thrived and survived living peacefully in the Weston woodlands. He made it his lifelong mission to keep them safe. Cornelius and his family bought the land and set up a perimeter, they then moved into the area and slowly but surely studied and kept these beautiful beasts safe from the outside world.

As always local intrigue caused people to visit Cornelius and his family at the new estate and instead of hiding their secret they shared it with the world. Cornelius welcomed everyone to the Park and told them they were free to explore as long as they followed his one rule “This was their home before it was ours and you are welcome to explore as long as show them respect. Your adventure starts now”

And so it has been ever since, each generation of the Weston-Smythe family has added attractions and activities for people to enjoy and explore as a family and to make new adventures alongside the Dinosaurs who still reside, to this day, on the estate. Now in the family’s fourth generation the message is still the same, Come and unleash your inner dinosaur and start a new adventure.


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